My name is Stephanie and I am an American folk artist. Recently I have had some people ask me about my paintings and where they are sold so I'm adding some of my work to an updated gallery here.

Art has always been a means of expression to me, Hand embroidery and oils are my favorite mediums.  I come from a long line of artists which inspire me to do what they planted in me over the years and my  faith and perspective comes out in my work.  The inspiration in my pieces is from the challenges and beauty that I see in the world. 

I am now selling my artwork at local shows and on my website here.

To purchase an art piece after you have made an inquiry, 
payments are though

I am now selling my artwork at local shows and on my website.
Message me through... 

20 percent of all sales will go to hunger, clean water or to fight child trafficking with the charity World Vision.

Sponsoring a child is one of the best ways to fight poverty

Help a local artist here create something

beautiful in this world,

Thank you,


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